Finally Back

Finally back....

Life has been great and busy.

I have updates on products I've used, some new things I'll probably add to the site and just more opinions and facts... I have soooo much to say.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone :-)

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  1. happy that ur back i really like this site and it's helped me pick out alot of hair products that i wouldn't have even looked at on another note i am going to try the mizani products because u talk them up soo glad u did a post on cris rocks good hair because all he was doing is making fun of black women and he won an naacp award for that movie and i was soooo mad also he stole that idea for the movie from another women amd took out all the educational stuff she put in there he makes me soooo sick uncle tom i jsut wish more black people in hoolywood especially black women would stop praising him