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Moisturizers For Black Men

I must say- black men do have the perfect online source for grooming... The Urban Gentleman. The discovery of this blog will make my postings for black male products alot easier. I'll pull from there often and I'll also have many of my own. The first article I'm pulling is on moisturizers. It's very important for men to moisturize, check this list of top male moisturizing products:

1. California North Action Moisturizer
Award winning and can be used for your face and body. Official world triathlon skin care product.

2. Double Duty Face Moisturizer
Designed to hydrate the skin without leaving the skin oily. Suncreen and moisturizer in one.

3. Men-U Ultra Concentrate Facial Moisturizer Lift
Skin refresher that will give your face a noticeable lift (you'll feel it).

4. African Male Ikhala Moisturizer
Dual-purpose facial moisturizer and post-shave balm.

What are your favorite moisturizers?

Palmers Products Prove to be the BEST for Brown Skin

This post doesn't have to be long... simply put Palmers is the best. Whenever someone wants to know what product to use to have silky smooth skin- I say Palmers.

Palmers has a complete range of products- lotions, oils, soaps, and more. Feel free to purchase them all, but I would suggest atleast owning these Palmers Products:

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Jar
(This should be used nightly- moisturize your body from head to toe with this each night before you go to bed.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil
(This is vital for an extremely smooth, silky body. Use this in the shower after you use your bodywash. Basically do everything you usually do in the shower, then use this at the end. Rub it in all over your body and barely wash it off in the shower. Then once you get out the shower pat yourself dry).

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion
(This should be your daily lotion)

Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Jar
(Shea butter is what one should use if they want soft skin- shea butter promotes softness and gives you almost baby like skin).

I definitely recommend using Palmers Cooca Butter and Shea Butter Formulas.

*The American Parlor, does NOT however, recommend any Palmers Skin "Success" products... we do not recommend any products that would take away or dehance or un-enhance the beauty of dark skin. Dark brown skin is beauty at its purest form- we must protect it.

What are your favorite Palmers Products?

Secrets To Growing Black Hair

The key to growing black hair is not a secret... it's more so common sense. It takes patience and routine.

Here are the basics when wanting to grow long hair:

1. Less Heat
(or no heat, put the curling irons down, and wrap your hair more)

2. Less Chemicals
(completely loose the gels and spritz or only use in moderation)

3. Silk Scarf and Pillows (avoid your hair drying out, you must use silk scarves)

4. Nightly Moisturizing Routine
(it's important to moisturize your hair every night, so that your hair will be nurtured as you sleep)

5. Nutrients/Vitamins- Eating Healthy
(what you eat affects yours hair, eat alot foods with Vitamin E or consider a hair and nail vitamin)

6. No Stress
(stress is a big factor in hair loss, avoid stress and relax as much as possible, exercise is also a good way to combat stress. At the least try the Dr. Oz/Oprah daily deep-breathing exercises- simply close your eyes and slowly breath in and out, do about 3 sets of 10).

7. Water
(you MUST drink water... this is very important when on the quest for naturally long hair).

8. Weekly to bi-monthly shampoos and conditioning
(daily will dry out your hair and going for over a 2 weeks may cause your hair damage because of the dirt and chemicals in the air that will get in your hair).

Those are all the must- dos for everyone... no matter your hair texture. Now, you have to figure out what product is best for you- here's a LIST of the best products. Check out the list and make your decision. For some, finding the right product is trial and error and for others it will be easy. I would suggest finding out what hair products that people in your family with long hair use. I would also just ask around.

I must be honest and say that unfortunately your average african-american hairstylist is not going to particularly know what is the best product for you to use. I say that because many simply just use what they hear is the best products overall- and usually those are products that are designed for whites/european-americans. And others simply don't educate themselves (this is true for many average stylist in general-black or white), they worry more about the end result than the complete process.

I say all that to say don't particularly expect to receive the best advice, I suggest doing your own research and put thought into choosing products. If you still have no idea I would personally suggest starting with: patene pro-v relaxed and natural shampoos, mizani moisturizers, and dr.miracles foams and oils. But really you should check the products from this list out.

I must stress that this takes time- hair does NOT grow 5 inches over night... I know that you're anxious. But just relax- you may have to go through a few months with your hair in simple hairstyles (hanging down and pulled back), but its worth it if you want that long hair. The modern way to grow out your hair includes getting a weave.... I'll talk about that in the next article. And the less you think about your hair growing, the sooner you'll see the results. Meaning that you should set your mind on it, but don't stress over it- time flies! So you've been living with short hair for years, what's a few months... your hair will and CAN grow- you just have to take the necessary steps and make sure your hair is HEALTHY over all else... before you know it your barely shoulder length hair will be down your back:-)

Please share your tips to growing long hair...

UPDATE (6/21/2009):
It seems that african-american women with the strongest and longest hair- wash their hair every week. And many do it it twice a week... and some, even 3x a week (when they're 6 weeks post perm). Your hair must be clean to grow and it must be healthy.

More tips: Its important to deep condition- with a protein conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner. Switch between the two each week. Also a good leave-in conditioner is a must, as is air-drying your hair.

The Long Black Hair: Why Some Women Want it SOOOOO Bad

Let's be totally honest about it, a fair amount of black women have desired long hair (especially /mainly in the past)... why?

1. Slavery- many blacks were taught to hate themselves and that they should want to be as white as possible meaning to have very light skin and very long hair.

2. Black Men- black men still suffer from alot of the self-hate slavery imposed. Many men are OBSESSED with their woman having long hair and many insist that it be "real". Videos and rappers have only poisoned our african-american children more- all the southern rappers- T.I, Ludacris, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Young Juc, and even our beloved Outkast insist that long hair is the answer (judging by their lyrics, videos, and girlfriends). And the rap moguls- Diddy and Russell Simmons also further impose this on black women.... at the end of the day its sad.... very sad.

These are the two main reasons. Thank God that this has changed a good amount- thanks to India Arie and "I am not my hair"- she REVOLUTIONIZED the world with that song, she is truly a blessing--- with her the natural hair movement began :-) (Especially to many women of all races and backgrounds suffering from cancer ) And also thanks to fashion-forward celebrities like Kelis and Rihanna. These two women have made black men realize that short hair is sexy even if you aren't Halle Berry, lol.

And now, naturally long hair isn't the top priority for all black men- thank God! But many black women still desire it (as a personal preference) and that's okay... all styles are beautiful.

*please note that many many people of color (black women) have naturally long hair, and no I'm not talking about African-Americans who have been mixed because of slavery. Many Africans have long hair, examples include Ethiopians and Eritreans just to name a few. And these people have had long hair since the beginning of time. You will also find many women from islands like the Dominican Republic with long hair (often dark skin with long black hair)... so people of color do naturally have black hair, but it just depends on your ancestors country of origin (NOT continent of origin).

List of the Best Products for African American Hair

My sisters and I have used a lot of different products over the years, we've had a few different hair beauticians and they were all good at what they did. I also have a whole host of friends who have great hair and they use great products (not that this matterspersay, but they come from well to do families and are able to spend alot getting their hair done every week or 2).So with my experience I feel like I am accurately able to name the best products for women of color:

This list is in NO particular order. The best product for you totally depends on your hair type. After I name the best, then I 'll give you my general preferences and recommendations.

1. Mizani

2. Patene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural

3. Nairobi

4. KeraCare

5. Dr. Miracles

6. Organic Root Stimulator

7. Design Essentials

9. Essations

10. Jane Carter Solutions

11. Elasta QP

12. Nexus

Others: Straight Request (Silky Milk), Redken, Designer Touch, Dudley's, Bronner Brothers, Nioxin

If you check with any great hairstylist, they will agree that these are the best mainstream hair products hands down.

My personal recommendation is to use the products that are infused with more natural minerals oppose to the products that are chemical heavy--- but again it just depends on your hair.

For example, I swear by Mizani because it had truly nurtured my hair, but my sister and aunt use Keracare. I personally don't recommend Keracare as a whole because it had done more damage to my hair than good... but that's just because alot of their products are just so strong. There perm is too strong and the fact that they have shampoos and conditioners that are the color blue makes me realize that I should have never used them (in retrospect). Because a light blue opaque shampoo is completely unnatural... its reminiscent of a perscription shampoo and I beleive should only be used if you have severely dry and itchy scalp. But with that said Keracare does have great products- their glossifier and leave-in conditioner are really good!

I also believe every woman of color should implement Patene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural into their hair maintenance routines. Though seemingly too mainstream and perhaps not as high-end, Patene Pro-V is one of the best haircare systems for every woman (white, black, or and mix) and almost every celebrity hair stylist will recommend patene as an alternative to their self-named brands... it really is that good.

Nairobi is a product that I have not personally used, but want to. Why, you may ask.... well because during college every once in a while I would meet a woman whose hair was just so pretty and healthy looking and black that I would have to ask them what they use... and Nairobi was always the answer. So I feel like they have a good product- I've seen and touched the hair of Nairobi product users and I'll have to give them two thumbs up.

At a certain point during high school, I was adamant about my hair growing. So I stopped using gels, spritz, and alot of heat and I began to wrap my hair each night and nurture it. During my "nurturing" I would lightly "grease" my hair each night with my product of choice- at first Keracare, but I felt the clear Glossifier was lacking nutrients and the clearish pink Dry and Itchy Scalp moisturizer was too strong. Then I began to use Mizani's Rose H20 in conjunction with their Overnight Treatment- this worked well. But I felt like my hair became the most thick and was the strongest when I used Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil in conjunction with the Mizani products every now and again.

The Dr. Miracles commercials are funny and entertaining, but in my opinion that made the brand seem like a gimmik... I never desired to use it because I simply didn't belive the hype. But, my mother proved me wrong. She cut her hair to right below her ears (mid-neck) and a few months later her hair was to her back... her secret- using Dr. Miracles Stimulating Moisterizing Gro Oil every or every other night (and tying her hair with a silk scarf). Now the Gro Oil does have a strong smell and it's very liquidy, so not all people may be moved to use it.... but it works. I use it every time I get cornrolls and it keeps my edges straight and my hair looking and feeling healthy. Because this is an oil, if you are wearing your hair straight you should NOT saturate your scalp with it, just very lightly dab a little on parts of your scalp and edges (only do this a few times a week).

Each of us have our own experiences with hair products, feel free to share yours- and be as specific as you can:-) What are your top hair care products and why?

Black Men's Hair Cut Pictures

It's hard to find pictures of male black hairstyles and haircuts... its really hard. But... NOT anymore, lol. This is the most organized and most comprehensive post/list and pictures of black men's hair cuts. So enjoy and feel free to email me more pictures of haircuts, just make sure they're clear.

These pictures include a variety of black men hair styles...

courtesy of

What are your favorite hairstyles for black men?

Get Waves and Crimps for Black Women

If you want to spice things up, why not add waves to your natural? Roller-set hair with medium and small rollers using a setting lotion such as Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll ($9, Once dry, release curls, brush them out and comb front portion of hair up and over to either side to create waves. Stephen keeps this look funky by using a middle part.

Get big romantic hair with Ellin Lavar Textures Therm Mist Hot-Tool Styling with Maximum Heat Protection to avoid damage

Small, soft crimps are the perfect alternative. For this look, Stephen crimped small sections of hair from root to tips with a small crimping iron like Bed Head Professional Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Dual Waver ($50, When creating this style at home, Stephen suggests you stay away from using any hard holding sprays. Whether your hair is long or short, this is a style that needs to move and have body, she says. Anything too stiff will look hard, and that’s the look you definitely don’t want.

For this look:
Motions At Home Shine Enhancing Pomade for hold.

Fashionable and Trendy Celebrity Hair Cuts: Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Estelle, and More.

I searched the web far and wide and I have created the best, most comprehensive collection of chic, trendy, and fashionable hairstyles.

Featuring all the chicest celebrities: Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes Cruise, Keri Hilson, Cheri Dennis, Paris Hilton, Santogold, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, Estelle, Iman, Jennifer Hudson, and Ciara.

This is the perfect hairstyle collection to peruse through if you're thinking about cutting your hair or if you really want a chic new hairstyle.

And the best thing about these 60 pictures is that they feature women of different backgrounds, with different complexions, different face shapes, different eye colors, and hair colors. So almost any woman should be able to get an idea of how a chic cut will look on her. These are also the perfect hairstyles to print out and bring in to your hairstylist to mimic. To enlarge the pictures just click on them. Have Fun!

-The American Parlor Staff

This is the original Vidal Sassoon bob created in the 1960s.
This is the cut that started it all.

SO which are your favorites?