Secrets To Growing Black Hair

The key to growing black hair is not a secret... it's more so common sense. It takes patience and routine.

Here are the basics when wanting to grow long hair:

1. Less Heat
(or no heat, put the curling irons down, and wrap your hair more)

2. Less Chemicals
(completely loose the gels and spritz or only use in moderation)

3. Silk Scarf and Pillows (avoid your hair drying out, you must use silk scarves)

4. Nightly Moisturizing Routine
(it's important to moisturize your hair every night, so that your hair will be nurtured as you sleep)

5. Nutrients/Vitamins- Eating Healthy
(what you eat affects yours hair, eat alot foods with Vitamin E or consider a hair and nail vitamin)

6. No Stress
(stress is a big factor in hair loss, avoid stress and relax as much as possible, exercise is also a good way to combat stress. At the least try the Dr. Oz/Oprah daily deep-breathing exercises- simply close your eyes and slowly breath in and out, do about 3 sets of 10).

7. Water
(you MUST drink water... this is very important when on the quest for naturally long hair).

8. Weekly to bi-monthly shampoos and conditioning
(daily will dry out your hair and going for over a 2 weeks may cause your hair damage because of the dirt and chemicals in the air that will get in your hair).

Those are all the must- dos for everyone... no matter your hair texture. Now, you have to figure out what product is best for you- here's a LIST of the best products. Check out the list and make your decision. For some, finding the right product is trial and error and for others it will be easy. I would suggest finding out what hair products that people in your family with long hair use. I would also just ask around.

I must be honest and say that unfortunately your average african-american hairstylist is not going to particularly know what is the best product for you to use. I say that because many simply just use what they hear is the best products overall- and usually those are products that are designed for whites/european-americans. And others simply don't educate themselves (this is true for many average stylist in general-black or white), they worry more about the end result than the complete process.

I say all that to say don't particularly expect to receive the best advice, I suggest doing your own research and put thought into choosing products. If you still have no idea I would personally suggest starting with: patene pro-v relaxed and natural shampoos, mizani moisturizers, and dr.miracles foams and oils. But really you should check the products from this list out.

I must stress that this takes time- hair does NOT grow 5 inches over night... I know that you're anxious. But just relax- you may have to go through a few months with your hair in simple hairstyles (hanging down and pulled back), but its worth it if you want that long hair. The modern way to grow out your hair includes getting a weave.... I'll talk about that in the next article. And the less you think about your hair growing, the sooner you'll see the results. Meaning that you should set your mind on it, but don't stress over it- time flies! So you've been living with short hair for years, what's a few months... your hair will and CAN grow- you just have to take the necessary steps and make sure your hair is HEALTHY over all else... before you know it your barely shoulder length hair will be down your back:-)

Please share your tips to growing long hair...

UPDATE (6/21/2009):
It seems that african-american women with the strongest and longest hair- wash their hair every week. And many do it it twice a week... and some, even 3x a week (when they're 6 weeks post perm). Your hair must be clean to grow and it must be healthy.

More tips: Its important to deep condition- with a protein conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner. Switch between the two each week. Also a good leave-in conditioner is a must, as is air-drying your hair.

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