Removing Facial Hair for Women of Color

Hair Removal can be a tricky thing, especially facial hair removal for black women. There are alot of hair removal products out there, but none designed for black women.... there may be a few posers who say their products are for all hair and skin types, but they're lying, lol-- you people can't fool us. Anyway, I digress....

One of my close friends gets hairs on her neck, a few on her chin, and she has semi-thick sideburns. She's absolutely gorgeous, but she really hates the extra hairs, she's always like "why me!?!" lol. She found out that she got the neck/chin hair issue from her grandmother (though her mom and aunt have absolutely no hair on their face or legs for that matter-- crazy huh, lol) and she got the sideburns from her dad who has a full very think beard even in his old age. Very unlucky stuff.

When she was younger she would just shave the hair on her neck-- bad decision because more hair ended up growing back and it was thicker. She didn't know what else to do so she kept this up. After a few years, she stopped shaving and began using the mini-scissors you find in a manicure set to cut her hairs. She's tried self-waxing, but it didn't always work sufficiently and she's tried Nair, but it burned her skin, so for the past 5-6 years she's just been using the mini-scissors with the occasional shaving (maybe once a year, though she knows it is very bad).

She's fed up with the arduous and consuming task of sitting in front of the mirror with tiny scissors clipping her hairs, she doesn't want to have to spend $20 weekly at the salon to get the hair removed, and she doesn't have the funds to get it surgically removed yet (laser hair removal)... so we've discussed some things, researched some things, and have came up with some possible solutions that she will be trying over the next few weeks-- and I'll report back with the verdict.

Just in case some of you want to follow along and try too, here's what we're going to purchase:


1. Facial Hair Removal Threading Tool
Alot of women are swearing by this little gadget, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that works. The price is slim and it was featured in Oprah Magazine.

R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Removal Tool
other versions of the same tool:
- Bellabe Hair Removal Tool
- Epicare Hair Removal Tool


2. Brazilian Bikini Wax Kit
I don't know what it is, but alot of women with thick dark curly/coarse body hair recommend using brazilian wax kits for facial hair. I'm thinking these may work well because Brazilian waxing kit would be designed for the most sensitive area or your body-- which is, well, down there so it should definitely work on your face.

3. Creme Hair Removers
There are many types of creme hair removers, but she has only used Nair. So we'll have a stab at using Surgi-Creme Hair Remover for Face. There's a lot of youtubers swearing by it, though some say it may burn a bit.

4. Epilator
Epilators are basically mega tweezers. It's a both of little tweezers in a row and mimics the look of a shaver. My friend who will be using all these products, I will probably use them to, is not a tweezer-- neither am I. And from the reviews of most epilators, they are quite painful two tweezing virgins. The key to epilating is getting one that really does work and the Braun 5270 Silk-├ępil X'elle Body System Epilator has gotten quite a few great reviews.

Remove dark spots from shaving/tweezing/waxing/bumps:
I'm always against any type of skin-lightening agent, dark skin is absolutely gorgeous and is literally made for the sun meaning it was made for God and in his exact image. But I know that if you have dark scars or dark bumps then you will want to remove them. Alot of women and men from different ethnicities say that Ambi's Fade Creme really does just lighten your dark spots. So removing unwanted hairs from your neck or face then try using Ambi Skincare Fade Creme to clear up the dark spots that you may have acquired overtime.

Check out all the items Here.

So we'll be ordering a few of these products today and will come back with reviews soon. Feel free to try them out as well and leave reviews.

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