Oprah's Hair: This is Not a Weave

Oprah's hair unstraightened

Oprah's hair straightened

It's everywhere I figured it might as well be here... Oprah, got tired of people saying "Girrrl, I like your weave", and I don't blame her. People, that's really ghetto to tell someone you like their weave- wtf?! lol... I could soooooo see how that could be annoying.

Oprah's hair is NOT a weave- and I knew that from the jump. She's Oprah Winfrey! C'mon now... she's literally the "queen of the world"... so I'm she probably has the best hair stylist in the world, and so therefore that is NOT a weave because she can afford to grow it out and keep her hair in tip top shape. Also, to me its very obvious that it wouldn't be because we have literally seen her hair grow over the years from a short nice cut, to a bob, to shoulder length, to right past the shoulder, to now... the entire time her hair was very thick.

I just feel it's very ignorant for people to assume it is and of course its black people-- listen, all because you or no one in your family doesn't have long thick hair doesn't mean others can't... The only reason I feel like people who thought it was hers before suddenly thought it was a weave when straight is because of the 2 short pieces a the front of her hair, I think that's a usual "tell-tell" sign someone is wearing a weave... but Oprah's hair has been cut in layers for awhile, she's had bangs, and there have probably been times in which she had weave... but that hair- it's all hers-- duuuuuh!

Check Oprah's Hair Evolution: From short & chic to long & layered.
With the right products, patience, and a great hair routine
you can have beautiful hair like Oprah too!
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