Bye-Bye Stretch Marks: Tips on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Forever, Tips on How to Get Smooth Skin

They annoy us... they come they go... we prefer them to stay way--- S T R E T C H M A R K S. Many women have struggled with them since the age of 12, others after they gained the freshmen 15, others after giving birth. And guys struggle with them as well... when they finally gain the extra pounds to form those sexy muscles or when they trim down to get cut.

Well, Let's cut the small talk and get down to the nitty gritty... how to get rid of stretch marks.

1. The number 1 way to get rid of stretch marks? I don't think you're going to want to hear this, but... Eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies), exercise almost daily, and drink lots of water. For most women struggling with stretch marks its because you are fluctuating too much in weight-- up and down and up and down (that's the story of my life)... if you adapt a healthy lifestyle (not a diet) then you are waaaay less likely to have stretch marks. Your body loves and need stability, all the yo-yo dieting and sweet binges are not what's up... yessss, we're emotional creatures and we tend to binge when we aren't doing too well with the beau or if we're stressed, but you MUST fight it as much as possible :-) Instead of opting for a dairy queen blizzard get a smoothie king smoothie.

Okay and so now, what you want to hear... the products.

2. Typical answer yet usually reliable- cocoa butter... I personally feel like cocoa butter doesn't RID stretch marks, but it PREVENTS them. With daily use you shouldn't have any new stretch marks and the others will get alot smoother and some will fade. If you're going to use cocoa butter, I feel like you should adapt my "cocoa-butter duo" treatment. You purchase cocoa butter oil and cocoa butter in a jar. After washing your body in the shower rub cocoa butter oil all over your body, then gently rinse it off. After getting out of the shower dab yourself dry with the towel and apply cocoa butter onto your body, particularly rubbing it into areas with stretch marks. This certainly will help your skin to become more one-toned, soft, and smooth. If you're really good you'll do what I did back in the day: I used cocoa butter soap, oil, lotion/creme, and serum to boot... again it didn't per se rid my stretch marks, but it made them and all my skin very smooth and more even-toned. (Some people say the natural cocoa butter works best, but be careful because its not as easy to use, you'll have to heat it to apply it).

3. Two words: BIO OIL... I haven't personally used it, but I have heard ALOT about this oil. and out of all the at-home products and treatments this seems to be the best. Women and men say that with daily use they have seen obvious changes, some women say they've seen it work over night... (I'm not sure if these women are black though)... Soooo, long story short I'm going to order some today and I'll use it and I'll report back. The best thing about Bio Oil is that it can be found almost anywhere- walmart, walgreens, ebay, amazon. I just praaaay it works because I have a few stretch marks on the back of my leg (behind my knee) that I MUST rid asap.

4. Natural ingredients. Some people say the only way their stretch marks go away is with natural ingredients... check out this routine a woman swear's by:

"Everyday I shower, and use an exfoliant on my marks. This exfoliant is very gentle and takes away any dead skin cells. It is made out of:

-Plain Oatmeal


-Pure Ginger Root (ground into a paste)

(Keep in the fridge)

Then I will put 100% Vitamin E oil, with 40,000 IUS.

After it is rubbed in completely, put 100% Coco Butter on the marks.

At night, repeat the steps but this time with the Vitamin E oil, rub it in and put a thin towel over the marks. Then get a hot water bottle, or heating pad and put it over the marks for 10 min or so. This penetrates the oil deeper into the skin.

I also drink 2 L of water a day, and have a very healthy diet, with lots of exercise. I also found that tanning, only naturally, helps the marks..because we receive vitamins from sunlight"

Her routine sounds pretty solid, huh? I say if you have a routine that hasn't been working- try this... its 100% natural so you won't hurt your skin.

5. Jojoba Oil. Many people haven't heard of this one, but they say its one of the best- certainly better than cocoa butter. Jojoba oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids will help to repair and regenerate your new skin cells. It's 100% natural and non-allergic.

6. Skin peel, laser treatment, and/or cosmetic surgery. If you have the funds, I say cut the bullsh*t, lol, and just go get them removed- that's what all the stars do... you know our beloved Beyonce or J.Lo has stretch marks, but they pay to get them removed. Matter of fact, I think I remember Beyonce or one of her assistants talking about it a few years ago... Anyway, the fact of the matter is, the treatments are often expensive but you can save up for it, do research on the best doctors in your area who specialize in removing stretch marks on women of color (specifically black women) and make an appointment. After your stretch marks are removed you can now work to prevent them, with the oils and treatments above. I say if you can splurge on a brand-new coach bag with matching boots or on a new plasma screen, why not on a treatment that is likely to boost your self-esteem or atleast give you some extra confidence. (But don't hastily get one of these treatments, consult your doctor, and do alot of research and thinking).


Stretch marks are on most people- thick, thin, short, tall, fat, skinny, old, young, black, white, female, male... don't feel alone. Women, believe it or not but most men surprisingly don't even care, they'll still think you're sexy... and men if you have bulging biceps who cares about a few stretch marks... but if you want to treat them, the above methods will work.

Stretch mark cremes? Yeah, these usually don't work and if they do it's usually for new stretch marks, not for old one's that you've had for a year or longer. Generally speaking do NOT waste your money on these cremes, unless you have extra money to spend and you have new stretch marks and you have fair skin.

How long will this take me? Be patient! Give yourself a month... stop your complaining, time flies. If you've been living with stretch make for years, whats a few weeks to see progress and a few months to see them vanish away.

Get in a routine, oil your skin and massage the oil into your stretch marks TWICE a day for atleast 4 weeks... drink lots of water, eat healthier portions, more green veggies, more juicy fruits, and lean proteins... exercise daily (atleast jog in place for 5 minutes, do a 25 situps, a few lunges/squats, and 5 push-ups), lol... stay positive and you'll see perfection.


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  1. The combination of pure sheabutter and extra virgin olive oil is what is helping me to get rid of them. i have been using this method for about 2 months and I can really see the difference. check out the tutorial: