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These are some of the reviews I've found about Dominican Salons. At the end of the post there's a link to a site that will find dominican salons in your area.

Dominican supermodel, Arlenis Sosa Peña


You mentioned you were looking for a Dominican shop in the Atlanta area. My daughter goes to Charisma Hair Salon in Gwinnett County. The number is 678-924-7660. She comes home from college just to get her hair done there. She had tried a shop where it was a little closer to home and cheaper but her hair began to fall out and she returned to Charisma. She has thick hair that comes down to the middle of her back. I don't like going to sit all day in a hair dresser and do mine myself. However if you hear of a Dominican shop close to the Decatur area please let me know.

If you're in manhattan, go up to washington heights and inwood. the dominicans are everywhere there.

If you're in brooklyn, there's a few spots on flatbush ave right below empire (b or q train to prospect park).

If you're not near either of those places, try your nearest spanish neighborhood.

Also, the shops in brooklyn are in the 15-20 range, cheaper if you go early in the week.


I saw your post and I live in Charlotte (North Carolina) too. I found that there are 3 Dominican Salons in Charlotte. One on Independence Blvd and two on North Tryon. There's Kiri's Unisex Salon at 4401 E Independence Blvd, Mercedes Dominican Hair Salon at 4409 N Tryon, and Carmens Dominican Hair Salon at 3720 N Tryon. I hope this helps you out. I'm moving to NYC could you tell me of some shops in the city that I can try. A good nail salon too. I'll even drive to a different borrough! lol You, know how we women are about our "look"


Hey I live in Savannah, GA there is a good one in Jacksonville, FL if you dont mind the drive. Personally I dont mind because I'm there every other weekend anyway cuz my boyfriend goes to UNF. its called Chisam and the prices are reasonable.


If you are in Philly (Philadephia) check out Dominican Beauty Hair Salon at 8th and Lehigh Streets. The owner speaks english and a few of the younger girls speak it as well. Everyone in the Salon does hair well so you won't be disappointed.


Bronx, NY
I've been natural for almost five years now come December. The name of the Salon is Mirror & Images of Broadway (Ask for Chauney) for an appt. and directions you can call @ 718-601-8378. Their closed on Sunday and Monday.


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