The Natural Weave: Tips on How to Blend Weave into Your Natural Hair

Don't you hate when you see someone who's obviously wearing a weave. When I see this, I ask myself , "what's the point of wearing a weave if you can tell its a weave." mind-boggling right.

Well here's a few tips you should abide by to make sure your weave has the most natural look:

1.) buy hair that matches your hair texture and color. the average women of color should usually choose "perm yaky" hair- this hair matches your permed hair texture. If you have fine hair, then it's okay to choose "yaky" hair, but perm yaky or a mixture of both is best.

2.) unless your hair is all pulled back (meaning your forehead is showing), it's important to have a bit of scalp showing. Meaning that you should have a part in you hair- it can be down the middle or on the side... either way, having a part in your hair helps it to look natural.

When superstar Rihanna wears a weave it always looks natural. Notice how she has part down the "side/middle", then the hair around the part covers her extensions that help gives her symmetrci bob length.

3. Treat your weave like its you hair, meaning don't forget to wash your hair every week or two. Take care of it. make sure you spray oil sheen in every morning. Especially take care of you natural hair that is left out- moisturize your edges and use a silk scarf. Having a weave doesn't make your hair invincible - you still MUST take care of it!

5. Wear hairstyles that look good on you and compliment your facial structure.

6. Don't wear your weave longer than 2 months. 3 months if its a really good weave. Your natural hair needs to and must breath:-)

7. Don't let people touch your hair and when people ask if its real reply "how rude". Then change the subject... if they're asking it must look real enough... you shouldn't hide it or be ashamed, but it's so stupid for people to ask. If you don't want to say "how rude", then say something like "does is matter, GOSH!"... then look really annoyed, lol.

Feel free to add more tips below.

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