Product of the Day: Dr.Miracles Temple & Nape Gro Balm

The temples and the nape of the hair are the most fragile and tend to break the easiest, according to celebrity hairstylist Eugene Smith. “I like this product ($7.99, because it specifically targets those areas.

Excellent for relaxed, braided, weaved or natural hair, it has a “feel” formula tingling sensation that stimulates blood flow to the scalp in the temple and nape area that continues to work even after you stop feeling it.

I'm going to the go to the store and purchase this, so I'll let you know how its coming along...

via: Essence


  1. its in my hair right now as i prepare to go to bed and i can feel it working... i think i may even take pictures of my edges from day 1 to 30. The box tells you to use it twice for 30 days and notice the change... so i'm going to do it...

  2. Hiya !!!
    i would like to known if this product is working