PRETTY FEET: How To Get Beautiful Soft Feet Over Night

There's nothing worse than laying with your partner and getting scratched by their feet. It's important for both men and women to have smooth soft pretty feet.

Here's the quickest, most effective, easiest, cheapest way to get soft feet.

What you need:
- old thick socks (with no holes)
- shea butter, cocoa butter, or vaseline

Directions on how to get soft feet
: Every night before you go to bed thoroughly moisturize your feet with cocoa butter , shea butter, or vaseline. Put on the socks. Go to sleep and wake up with softer smoother feet.

Why this works? Cocoa butter, shea butter, and vaseline are all products that naturally heal and soften your feet. By placing these products on your feet at night you allow them to soak in and efficiently work.

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  1. I struggled with dry skin all my life and when I hit puberty my hips stretched wider than my skin had antiscipated! I tried cremes and oils and nothing seemed to work. But a few years ago I found a solution for me! I mix cocoa, and shea butter with Jergens moisturizing lotion immediately after I shower and my fience' is in love with my soft smoothe skin, even in the winter!