The Long Black Hair: Why Some Women Want it SOOOOO Bad

Let's be totally honest about it, a fair amount of black women have desired long hair (especially /mainly in the past)... why?

1. Slavery- many blacks were taught to hate themselves and that they should want to be as white as possible meaning to have very light skin and very long hair.

2. Black Men- black men still suffer from alot of the self-hate slavery imposed. Many men are OBSESSED with their woman having long hair and many insist that it be "real". Videos and rappers have only poisoned our african-american children more- all the southern rappers- T.I, Ludacris, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Young Juc, and even our beloved Outkast insist that long hair is the answer (judging by their lyrics, videos, and girlfriends). And the rap moguls- Diddy and Russell Simmons also further impose this on black women.... at the end of the day its sad.... very sad.

These are the two main reasons. Thank God that this has changed a good amount- thanks to India Arie and "I am not my hair"- she REVOLUTIONIZED the world with that song, she is truly a blessing--- with her the natural hair movement began :-) (Especially to many women of all races and backgrounds suffering from cancer ) And also thanks to fashion-forward celebrities like Kelis and Rihanna. These two women have made black men realize that short hair is sexy even if you aren't Halle Berry, lol.

And now, naturally long hair isn't the top priority for all black men- thank God! But many black women still desire it (as a personal preference) and that's okay... all styles are beautiful.

*please note that many many people of color (black women) have naturally long hair, and no I'm not talking about African-Americans who have been mixed because of slavery. Many Africans have long hair, examples include Ethiopians and Eritreans just to name a few. And these people have had long hair since the beginning of time. You will also find many women from islands like the Dominican Republic with long hair (often dark skin with long black hair)... so people of color do naturally have black hair, but it just depends on your ancestors country of origin (NOT continent of origin).

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