Get Waves and Crimps for Black Women

If you want to spice things up, why not add waves to your natural? Roller-set hair with medium and small rollers using a setting lotion such as Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll ($9, Once dry, release curls, brush them out and comb front portion of hair up and over to either side to create waves. Stephen keeps this look funky by using a middle part.

Get big romantic hair with Ellin Lavar Textures Therm Mist Hot-Tool Styling with Maximum Heat Protection to avoid damage

Small, soft crimps are the perfect alternative. For this look, Stephen crimped small sections of hair from root to tips with a small crimping iron like Bed Head Professional Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Dual Waver ($50, When creating this style at home, Stephen suggests you stay away from using any hard holding sprays. Whether your hair is long or short, this is a style that needs to move and have body, she says. Anything too stiff will look hard, and that’s the look you definitely don’t want.

For this look:
Motions At Home Shine Enhancing Pomade for hold.

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