Introducing The American Parlor: Black Skincare, Haircare, and more.

But seriously though what's up with the lack of comprehensive resources for people of color- as far as hair and skin care go. Yeah we have a few magazines, but they don't have matching websites... so we're left surfing the net and ending up at dead end sites -OR- we have to trifle through a ton of Caucasian/European-American sites to find limited information on the best products for brown skin and curly hair. BUT no more- The American Parlor is the answer to your prayers. And hopefully this will become your go to website... more than anything I just want to build a community here for us to share our stories so that we can be an even more beautiful people.

I am one of a family of ten and we definitely had our trials and tribulations when it came to hair and skin care- 4 men and 6 women.... so I feel like an unofficial expert on this topic. I'll share some of my stories and stories of friends and families.

Welcome to The American Parlor, kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy yourself!

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