Too Boujee for the Beauty Supply Store

I was one of those people that was a little "too boujee" for the bss (beauty supply store). I don't mean boujee as in I wouldn't go in there, I mean of course I'd go their to get little stuff- like rubberbands and plastic caps oh and of course hair. But I would sort of toot my nose up at those buying actual hair products from there- shampoos, conditioners, etc. I, only bought my products from salons or specialty stores that were supposed to be for stylist.

But its interesting because most of the chicks I've read about with long pretty hair (went from short broken hair to long hair) use beauty supply store products.... and that's kind of crazy to me.

I remember reading about Elasta- I figured it had to be a salon product. But I called a few salons and they informed me they didn't carry it.... so where did I find it? yeah, you got it... the bss.

So I just say all this to say... all my boujee ladies and gents- who only rock salon products, give the beauty supply store a chance... I did and so far so good (plus the prices are waaaaaaaay better).

Update June 29th: Over the weekend I had to get a few products- some rollers, hair pins, and setting foam- naturally I opted for Nairobi wrap foam, but then I switched it for Mizani mousse. Buying that got me to thinking a bit more... There's usually a reason why certain things cost more- like a Walmart house brand versus a Neiman Marcus house brand... Old Navy vs Versace... the quality of the latter is always better- they use better materials and it will last alot longer. And as I glazed down on my "new crew" the other day I had to sorta shake my head. Though I may have saved alot of money, should I have really changed from my Mizani shampoos (avg 12 bucks a pop, 24 total) to a huge bottle of Creme of Nature (10 bucks) that will last me atleast the whole year? Who knows, I don't regret my buy because alot of the hair bloggers I admire swear by it, buuuut when the years over I think I'll replenish with my beloved Mizani or Nairobi.

And being too boujee for the beauty supply store is actually a good thing on certain levels. Now obviously in these economic times you should try to save money when you can. But at the same time buying these designer products usally mean you're buying them from local salons- and that's good because atleast you're keeping the money in the community. I have to say I absouletly hat ethe hold that Asians have on the black beauty market- its disgusting to me, and many of them are trying hard to keep people of color out by making it hard for us to get certain products at low prices. So for the fact alone I say choose the local salon over the mega beauty supplier even if you have to pay an extra 2 or 3 bucks.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog...really well put together. I like that you include lots of pictures.

    With regard to salon quality products, I stopped using several (including Mizani & KeraCare) because once I checked out the ingredients I realised they were no better than a lot of cheaper brands. Sometimes we're just paying for packaging and marketing not quality.