Your Best Produts Are in the Kitchen

Did you know that most of the best beauty beauty products... are in your kitchen. Yeah, that's right. I've always heard about the kitchen being one of the best places to get beauty supplies, but I never really considered it- until recently.

1. Olive Oil
2. Eggs
3. Mayo
4. Plastic Bag

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Yes this Is the same kind that you cook with.
This one of the best things for your hair because it gives it moisture. It's great to put in your hair by itself or to add to your favorite products. If your hair is extra dry and in need of moisture- do a hot oil treatment with olive oil.

Your hair needs protein. Most protein treatments have a bit of egg in them. If your hair is brittle and damaged and breaking, crack an egg whip it up and place it throughout your hair- focusing on damage parts. For best results add olive oil, olive oil will make sure that the yolk doesn't make the hair too hard once it dries (its actually important that you add some oil). Leave on hair for 30 minutes or longer.

This is a great thing to add to the eggs for moisture.

Plastic Bag
This isn't a product, but you can use these if you don't have a plastic cap to deep condition.

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